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Bar Menu

V - Vegetarian/VG - Vegan/GF - Gluten Free/N - Tree Nuts/* - on request


All Served with Fries and Aioli

Beef Burger

Beef patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, beetroot relish and truffle mayo on a brioche bun


Chicken Burger

Crumbed wood smoked coriander chicken patty, lettuce, onion confit, brie, aioli and black doris plum sauce on a brioche bun


Vege Burger (V)

Impossible patty, lettuce, vegan cheese, salsa and beetroot relish on a brioche bun


Beer Battered Fish and Chips (GF)

with petit salad, remoulade and tomato sauce


Pork and Calamari Salad (GF)

Glazed NZ pork, salt and pepper calamari, sesame mayo, rock sugar and ginger dressing


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